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December 16, 2019 04:47:55 +0000 (UTC)

Lots of news has been addressed in  an open...

Lots of news has been addressed in an open newsletter from the All Stars team!


There are some exciting changes coming to All Stars on December 18!

  • A new event type! You'll compete for Voltage and exchange points for items! The first of these events is scheduled for early January.
  • New difficulty levels! You'll need to try new strategies to stay alive! These will be added for a limited time beginning December 23
  • A new function will be added that will allow you to play lives even after you failed! This lets you see future Note Gimmicks and Appeal Chances. The game will also warn you if there is a high chance you'll fail a live before you start
  • The Score Match-style event we previously heard about is scheduled to be implemented sometime in February or March. Look forward to it!

Future updates in February and March will bring more QoL updates, including:

  • the ability to read past event stories
  • increasing the amount of skip tickets you can use at one time
  • additional daily song plays
  • optimization of the game for various phones
  • ...and more to be announced in the future!


Chapter 10 of the main story will be added to the game on December 31! With it, you'll be able to play "Step! ZERO to ONE" as well as a mystery song for both μ's and Aqours!

In addition, new kizuna chapters will be added on the following dates:

  • December 16: μ's chapter 7, NijiGaku chapter 13
  • December 31: Aqours chapter 7



To celebrate "Love Live! Fes", a special campaign will be held in January! There will be log-in bonuses and special missions, and you can earn tickets to gain a special 9th anniversary themed costume!


Finally, the next event, "School Idol Train Departing!", has been announced! It will begin on December 23 and features the following cards:

  • UR Mari Ohara
  • SR Honoka Kousaka
  • SR Rina Tennoji