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October 13, 2019 07:54:22 +0000 (UTC)


Hello! I'm Reo or Riolu however, you prefer to call me~

I'm 22, and my other interests beside Love Live and [email protected]: Fish Island: Fishing Paradise; Girlfriend Kari, Granblue Fantasy, Princess Connect: Re: Dive; Sdorica, Moe Girl Cafe 2, Kantai Collection; Visual Novels, etc.

My best girls are: Nico, You, Kasumi, Honoka, Maki, Ruby, Shizuka.

It's really nice to meet you!

Now how did it began? I saw the original anime series from 6 years ago.

I saw the anime thinking "Oh i wonder this will turn out." and it blew my mind away. It had amazing music, and powerful friendship to get back on track if one fails. The Nico Nico Nii quote which from Nico said; stole my heart.

I played the original School Idol festival game for 4 years, I swapped from EN server to JP server, the time too, I didn't want to get behind D: I grew to love other characters other than Nico & You through out the game. However, there was a time where i got burnt out and ragequitted from serious game crashes and the game freezes mid-way of the song. So that point on, i quit about a year ahaha.. In other words, Love Live was my gate-way to open my doors to The [email protected] as well! I played Deresute and MLTD in my own time.

Now, ALL STARS was here, and it is interesting! I still have to navigate the game to get through everything but all is great!

Kasumi sounded like an "kawaii boku" aura i gotten from Sachiko Koshimizu, but the only differences are the tricks she do all fail lel.

Well, that's it for me. :3