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October 13, 2019 13:28:59 +0000 (UTC)

hello! i go by zuzu!

just like many others here, love live has a lot of meaning to me. but since...

hello! i go by zuzu!

just like many others here, love live has a lot of meaning to me. but since i'm not much of an anime fan, it took me a while to warm up to it... my friends started talking about it in 2012-2013 so i watched it. :p

i didn't want to admit how much i cried. i felt like it was cheesy and stupid (YES I WAS IN DENIAL) so i just said nico was my favorite and moved on for a bit, until SIF (english) was first released.

okay. i'm a HUGE fan of rhythm games, all my friends were playing it and at the time i actually didn't own a phone! so i stole my mom's tablet to download it lol. i remember picking kotori as my main girl cuz she's cute and getting to about rank 40 in one sitting (this was waaaaay back when it was harder to rank up). the event at the time was the first hanayo event, with the green dress hugging a pillow. i'll cut the details but basically i was hooked.

time passes, days and months and years, my friend gave me her old cracked iphone 4 to play SIF on... and i slowly start accepting that i was... a LOVE LIVER!!! well, i was still partly in denial. but then one day, i heard they were making a new group! based off of N girls?! i didn't keep my hopes up, but i was still pretty excited... well, they announced the selected girls... and ended up redesigning them entirely into new characters! it was a confusing time.

BUT ANYWAY, they became Aqours.

this is where my true descent began.

i liked yoshiko first because of her design. i remember hearing "koi ni naritai aquarium" when it came out to introduce the girls and honestly, i started crying. i was so happy and excited... i fell in love with everyone so quickly and the upbeat style of their group so much. i eagerly awaited the anime (again, without keeping my hopes up) and i really... it just really connected with me that time. i really connected with chika. i cried, a lot. i cried so much. every song they came out with i would listen on repeat and sing along to. it was the first thing in a while that could make me feel so lively. i loved everybody. i loved chika, riko, you, yoshiko, hanamaru, ruby, mari, dia, kanan, the moms, the siblings, shiitake, leah, sarah, the ocean, the sand, numazu, and well you get it!

and at this point i shamelessly admitted, yes, i love Love Live. i love it so much. i love everything about it. i went back and finally fully appreciated muse. it makes me so happy, it makes me want to try harder, it makes me want to try to shine too. i started singing again, something i haven't done since i was 10 because i got too embarrassed. and i know it's cheesy, but overtime i found myself learning to love and accept myself more and more... but i admit it now, i'm a sucker for cheese.

i did fall out of the "fandom" for a while, since that kinda stuff isn't really my thing... but with PDP and All Stars, my passion for the series has come back full force. it's something i will always love, no matter what, and i'm happy to share it with everyone else.

and uh... OOPS i wrote an essay. i'm glad there's not a character limit i guess ^^; well... if anyone read this far, thank you so much for listening to me. it's been a sleepless night and typing this out has actually made me ready to go back to bed lol. thank you to everyone who has put this site together and i hope it will be able to stay for a long time! <3 ps here is my small chika collection, i don't have much but i hope that i can get more soon! :3 pps i'm loving all stars a lot so if you'd like to add me my ID is 808 327 928!