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October 13, 2019 16:49:31 +0000 (UTC)


I created this account mainly to share my story as the whole Love Live franchise means the world to me. So uhh... hello! I'm Miya, your local Ai, You and Kotori oshi that loves LL a whole lot!


I found LL by accident, one of my friends was playing the game and I started asking them about it. That's honestly a miracle, I've never been interested in mobile games, especially the rhythm ones. Around that time I went to a new school and I couldn't adapt as my social anxiety was making everything harder that it really was. So I spent most of the breaks alone, playing LL, reading stories and slowly falling in love with the game. Whenever I was feeling down, like everything was too much for me, LL was there to make me happy. My best girls always popped up on the home screen at the right time, saying the right things and making me smile. I know that sounds cheesy, it does for me too, but that really was magical. I can't stress enough how much my best girls mean to me (and how much money I spent on them), how much they helped me and inspired me to become a better, more confident person.


What's gotten me into the game is also the music. Never been a fan of japanese music/language but no regretti. I've met so many amazing people because of this game that has honestly change my life for the better! And I really do hope that this game and your best girls make you as happy as they make me!