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October 14, 2019 04:28:35 +0000 (UTC)


my love live story kinda starts around 2015, I wasn't very active, in fact the only reason I remember the year is because I got cherry Hanayo, which is to this day the cutest promo ur btw. Anyways, I downloaded the app because an old friend liked it. I picked Riko on a whim, which no idea how important she would be to me later. I played extremely casually for a long time, never really getting into it, until eventually I deleted it. A few months later, I found myself in LA. I was in little tokyo looking through the shops and I saw a big collection of aqours figures, two now that i think about it, Jumping heart and uniform. I saw the Riko and, despite never being too deep in the game or any of the characters, I bought her. She became the very first in my figure collection, and certainly my favorite. I remember getting back to my hotel room and instantly redownloading the app. I felt sooo excited as it very very very very slowly downloaded all the date, you know how idol game load times are hehe. Even though I was back into love live with more interest then ever, it was for a bit that i really started to reach the point where I am now. I had just become friends with this girl a little while ago, and totally unprompted she mentioned love live, and I told her I played. She was totally new, didn't know anything about the game, and that made me so determined. I suddenly wanted to know all i could so I could teach her. After that it was all downhill. I remember us getting our first urs, after I sadly realized my Hanayo didn't particularly count. It was the same day, the same way even, from solos. She got time traveler You and I could christmas v2 Ruby, though at the time I absolutely didn't know set names lol. I remember eating ramen together as we watched lls for the first time. I remember following the dances as we watched llsip. I remember looking up Riko art because I still totally adored her and I still totally do. I remember doodling her and hanamaru in my math class cause i was very keen on the two of them together for some reason. I remember embarrassingly teaching my friends how to nico nico nii at lunch. Love live has given me so many normal, stupid, and wonderful memories. I think it is super fitting that this game was shown to me though friends, and experiences. That's really what love live is all about don't you think? finding friends, living life with them? I think that's the best part of love live too, all the singing and dancing is wonderful, but the moments where the girls are doing average fun things? I really enjoy those moments. I'm glad love live gave me some of those moments :D anyways, I've gone on for long enough, thank you very much for reading hehe ^^