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October 14, 2019 07:44:14 +0000 (UTC)

hmm, how did i find out about love live?

hmm, how did i find out about love live?

it all started late 2016 around december, when i was browsing around on the app store looking for games to occupy myself during a very hard time involving my parents. i was just looking for anything that looked relatively fun to play so i wouldn't concentrate on my declining mental health. i stumbled upon SIF and downloaded it ( prior to this i tried downloading it earlier in the year before aqours was added, but didnt want to wait for it to download files ) my starter was hanamaru and i felt that i reflected as her as i have brown hair and like eating. i got you's promo ur and was instantly in love with it. it was so pretty; i kept her as my partner for a couple months and started loving you, prior to this my favorites were kanan and hanamaru.

at this point i've been playing sif every chance i could get. they helped me get away from a harsh reality and just have fun. i remember i spent almost $300 when the little devil set came out haha, i heavily regret my decision to this day. i watched the first season of lls, but never watched the 2nd even when it was airing as i just didn't have the time to watch.

overtime i got rlly bored of sif and quit for extended amount of time and started playing other rhythm games such as bandori, mltd, and cgss. i dont rlly know when it began but i wanted to buy merch of you as a little birthday present to myself. and since then i've kept buying merch! 2019 has been a real buy merch of you year! after i buy a new computer im going to start saving for tera jumbo you or you's birthday project figure x) but before i buy a new computer im probably going to pre order the LL FES penlight, gah it looks so pretty!!