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August 05, 2020 06:55:34 +0000 (UTC)



Volume 6 of the SIFAS newsletter has been released! Lots of exciting and new content is on the way to the game in the next month!

Chapter 17 of the main story introduced Shioriko Mifune as the 10th member of Nijigasaki Idol Club! Her 1st solo song, "Ketsui no Hikari", is playable upon reaching Bond Level 15!

Additionally, Chapter 18 of the main story will be released August 31st!

The first 9 members of the Nijigasaki Idol Club will be receiving chapters 20 and 21 of their bond stories in August! These episodes will make their 3rd solo songs available to play!

The solo songs will slowly be transitioned from 2D to 3D in the future, so keep an eye out!!

Nijigasaki's 3rd single is coming soon, so a special commemorative campaign will be held beginning September 2nd!

Another campaign to celebrate their 2nd Live will also come in September. Look forward to more details soon!

Changes to gachas will be coming very soon. Beginning in late August, the first half of event gachas will begin prior to the event starting, with the second half beginning the same time as the event. Beginning in September, Member Pickup gachas will begin prior to DLP events!

"Let's Go! Summer Training Camp" campaign will begin on August 11th, 15:00 JST! Collect Star-shaped Seashells and exchange them for Summer Camp Tickets! These tickets can be used to redeem special Inspiration Skills on your idols!

Finally, All Stars will be celebrating its 1st Anniversary on September 26th!! An exciting campaign will begin soon. Details will be announced soon! Get excited!! 🤩