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October 18, 2019 08:27:02 +0000 (UTC)

What's up everyone?
I'd like to participate in the "What's your Love Live! story?" Event that is...

What's up everyone? I'd like to participate in the "What's your Love Live! story?" Event that is currently going on, so here is my personal story on how I got into this fandom: It was the summer of 2017, I had just finished watching a playthrough of Danganronpa V3, which got me really into the entire franchise, when I first grasped the concept of Love Live. An online friend of mine mentioned how one of the V3 characters (Tenko Chabashira) was voiced by a very popular voice actress, known for her previous work as Nico Yazawa. That's also when I first realized where the "Nico Nico Nii" meme originated from. Up until that point I had never liked Slice of Life shows let alone Idol anime. To me it was all just weeb bait and terrible music. But I couldn't stop seeing Love Live content every now and then on my feed ever since I had joined the DR fandom. There seemed to be a connection between these two fandoms where a lot of people were a part of both of them for some reason. Eventually I decided to take a look ( I am probably the LL equivalent of the much hated JoJo Part Skipper: I didn't start with SIP and watched Sunshine instead). And, boy was I in for a ride. At first, most of the VAs sounded kind of high pitched and over the top to me, so I couldn't watch more than just the first episode. Right after finishing it I immediately thought to myself: yeah, this was a big miss for me. But for some reason, that same day, I saw LL content on Instagram again. It was fan art of the Aqours girls. I looked at Ruby and Chika and I recognized them. For some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about the anime, how well made it was when it came to artstyle, animation and how the music wasn't even that bad at all. The next day I decided to give it another shot. This time I watched the entire first half of the season. With every episode I finished I started to see more things that were actually quite well done, the singing voices, the comedy, the setting. I tried to get behind every characters arc and the reasoning behind their actions, I saw how other fans were having so much fun ranking the girls and talking about their favorite characters. Eventually I finished season one and started playing SIF as well. After that I realized that there were even more characters I hadn't seen before (u's) and that they had their own anime as well. At that time Season 2 of Sunshine had not aired yet, so I figured I might as well watch SIP as a prequel before Season 2 comes out. And through the amount of friendly fans and amazing fan arts, I decided to join this fandom. Ever since then I have been super into Idol stuff, I even joined similar fandoms and started playing other Idol/Rhythm/Gacha games. Now Love Live has become a significant part of my hobbies and I am so very glad about the fact that I decided to overlook the prejudices of it and joined the fandom anyways.