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August 02, 2021 15:33:31 +0000 (UTC)


🧡Happy Birthday Honoka!🧡

Honoka means so, so much to that it's really hard to even put it into words. She's energetic, positive, doesn't back down, and truly cares for all of her friends (despite what people may think after the S1 drama). What draws me to Honoka the most is probably her bright personality and absolutely amazing voice. Sure, Umi's voice is great and all, but have you actually listened to Someday of my life? There's so much emotion put into that song alone that it really makes me want to cheer Honoka on, you know? These past five months have been really tough for me both mentally and emotionally, and while I would've persevered either way, a large part of why I was able was because of Honoka being there to cheer me on. Honoka gave and continues to give me the courage to move forward, even with the obstacles and pitfalls that life brings about.

So with that, happy birthday to Honoka! Honoka doesn't seem like the most popular character unfortunately, but I hope that for this one day, Honoka-lover or not, we can all come together to celebrate a truly amazing character 🧡


A bulk of my Honoka merch. Still waiting on an order with the YuYuYu neso and Faito Dayo shirt though.


All of Honoka's solo albums and a few keychains. Also, vol. 1 of SID.


All of my (completed) Honoka drawings. I started KiraSen and Snow halation but just never got around to finishing them.