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October 24, 2019 17:25:30 +0000 (UTC)

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal and I'm going to talk about 5 year long idol journey. This is going...

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal and I'm going to talk about 5 year long idol journey. This is going to be long as hell ,so buckle up and hold onto your jpgs because I'm going to talk about my decent into idol hell.

It all started back in 2014. I was not in the best mental state and to top it all off I was going to a completely new school! Back then I was a shy individual and entering this new school was in no way fun. However, during this time I also got my very first phone a Samsung Galaxy s3. If it wasn't for this phone I would have never started my Love Live journey.

It wasn't until I got my homework done that I got on my phone. Since it was brand new I didn't have much on there. So I went to the Google play store to get some games. So I got basic games like Subway Surfers and simple games like that. Then I went searching for some fun rpg games. I downloaded a game called Brave Frontier and then I saw it. Love Live School Idol Festival. The icon was still Honoka at the time and for some reason I got pulled in. I clicked the icon and when I saw it was a rhythm game I hit the download button immediately. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

When I first booted up the game I was met with μ's. I at the time had no idea that there was an anime (in fact I didn't watch the anime until 2015) so I chose my best girls based on their hobbies and looks. So I chose my starter was Hanayo! Her cute hair style topped with her hobby of drawing made her my first best girl. Nico was number 1 for overall looks though. I soloed all the time since I didn't know the meaning of saving ,and I didn't participate in events because I didn't really pay attention to them. I played super casually until February 2016. That was when White Day Hanayo came out on World Wide. I couldn't scout because I had no love gems ,so I resorted to begging my father to buy me love gems. Surprisingly he actually did and I was on my way to scout for White Day Hanayo. After it loaded I saw the envelopes come out and lo and behold she came home. She was the only SR+ card I got from that box ,but I didn't care. I had gotten my first UR, White Day Hanayo.

White Day Hanayo

By this time, I had watched the anime. From there I finally found my best girl who is still my best girl to this day. Maki Nishikino. I saw myself in her as she is stubborn, didn't have many friends, and I can be a bit childish at times. From that moment on I wanted to get as many Maki cards as possible to show my support. So I saved for Maki's next UR which so happens to be my dream UR. Circus Maki. The day had come and I didn't get her. In fact I didn't really get anything from my gem. I was devastated but I decided to do a blue ticket. I had gotten a UR! It wasn't Maki though. It was Honoka! Snowy Mountain Honoka to be exact. Of course I could go on for hours and hours talking about my failed and successful scouting attempts. Some of those attempts made me want to quit. Yet for some reason I kept going despite the unfair rates.


Another monumental moment during my journey was Aqours. When they were first introduced I was completely against the group. Because well they were ,in my eyes, replacing μ's! I thought because of them μ's was going to have no more new cards and that no new content was going to be produced for them. I remember when they finally got into the game in 2016. I took a screenshot of the OG Honoka icon as a token of μ's and updated the game to the now well known Chika Icon. I barely participated in the first Aqua event and didn't really give them a chance until my friend (who I introduced Love Live to) and I finally watched Love Live Sunshine. Ever since then I accepted them as equals to μ's.

My Love Live journey has been a long one thats for sure. I have no idea who I would be if Love Live wasn't a part of my life. Because of μ's and Aqua's stories and leaders I branched out. I became more extroverted and met new people and made new friends. Love Live made me feel better about myself and was one of the many reasons I worked to be in a better mental state. Overall, Love Live has made me a better person and I wish to keep it in my life for as long as I possibly can.