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!I'm HappyLLAS and I will be posting more in the future.

Rin is my girl and I want to say NYA NYA NYA OuO!! I play SIF and AS,you can friend me! my username is Love_Live Fans.That is also my username on reddit. I will be posting daily so check out my posts! :3

If you like I will give a shout out to revue starlight re live.I have a sister and a brother and I live in new york.(duh).I hope you check out my profile on acnh wiki like these ones.check out my other profile on LLAS called pandapancakes.I have a roblox account pandapancakes1.:3 UwU I also play among us!My name there is UwU.thx!

(also if you check my stage girls some of them are made up I don't actually have them.I also have girls from my last profile because it froze and you know data restoration takes 2 DAYS) >:(

I have the JP version and EN version of love live SIF and LLAS.I play love live paradise.Follow my reddit pls.I like liha rido(a voice actress of course).I don't know what to write next.Comment what to post next. -.- pls ._.

Okie dokie,my favorite girls are:


Texto alternativo

I like watching Umaru chan and other anime

also like danganronp and pusheen. So here is some basic information about me!

I'm a 14-year old female

I am a shy singer

I am good at drawing and singing

i have a lot of online friends and regular friends


I love bread(Honk Honk)

I love cats (NYA)

Where should I stop

(oh yeah I have Nyctophobia 🌆😢 T_T )