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I'm Akuma or.. Maliha. You can just call me Maya for short or Akuma. I love doing cosplays on Gacha club & showing them on both Starlight Academy & Idol story! I always wanted to be an Idol & Model. I'm a YouTuber with a channel called Maliha Howell. You should check it out! & subscribe so that the channel could go up 💯+! I'm here so I can be the online worlds next big thing! I love Music,Singing,Dancing,Japan,China,Games & Anime! I hope we can get along! :) PS I'm a sharp rebel so don't get to close or I'll bite you! Also, I have more collected cards then the ones on my collected cards list. & HunterEXE is my brother's account. He dosen't have Love live AS yet but I made it just in case.