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"Hello? AkumaSakura, are you there?" Sorry, AkumaSakura is offline. For now, ENJOY THE CYBERCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello, I'm Mayuu. Spelled with 2 u's! The attribute that matches me most is smile because I'm energetic. Plus, online is the only time i'm alive. ONLINE! YUH!!!!!! Now, If you have a labtop, go on there since the best way to get to my blogs is the best way to get there!!! Alright, so maybe I have wayyy to many accounts online.. but I don't care! LINKS TO ALL MY ACCOUNTS! AND!!!!!!! Ok, maybe not. My other links are in the links section. I like.. let's see: anime, manga, school idols (DUH!), the amazing world of gumball, music, dancing, singing, drawing, video games, genshin impact (a video game.) honkai impact (another video game.) FNF (SO MANY VIDEO GAMES.) And my beloved fans! "Ok, we get the intro, but we need AkumaSakura. The divine priestess of sangonomiya needs her!" AkumaSakura is offline. I just told you that! (I have a chuunibiyou like yohane. Btw, I wanted to do a little story but I'm AkumaSakura. |3) "Listen, we need AkumaSakura! she is one of our most awesome generals! If-" But I'm one of them, Gorou. If you don't understand that I worked my sword off to become a sangonomiya army girl, then I guess I WON'T BE YOUR GENERAL AT ALL!!! (Sorry for the drama.) bottom line is: Thank you for viewing me. Snitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!