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I love love live! I play sifas, and sif, I'll be playing sif2!

I adore all the girls, but my faves are: Honoka, Umi, Riko, Kanan, Ayumu, and Shizuku! I also love You, Lanzhu, Kotori, and Kanon from Liella!

I've been in love live/idol hell for six years now, i love it here! I'll always love love live, and appreciate the series for all the happiness it has given me, and how it has helped me during life's toughest moments.

Thank you, love live! <3

And we love you, Tomori! We'll miss you so much! Thank you thank you for everything you gave to Setsuna Yuki, and to Nijigasaki! We'll always treasure you and your passion, all the best to you, and I'll pray for your good health!! :') <3