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Hi! I'm Mariya but you can also call me Riya! I sing Spanish covers on YouTube and I'm also a writer on my free time, currently focusing on my original web novel about magical girls, Ideasthesia at RoyalRoad!

My favourite girls are Nozomi, Nico, Rin, Yohane, Dia, Mari, Karin, Kasumi, Setsuna, Ai and Shizuku!

I love to read as well. I'm currently reading volume 6 of Index's Light Novel and collect all the available Horimiya merch. Digimon is my other passion just as strong as Love Live and I truly enjoy playing F/GO and Azur Lane! Danganronpa is also one of my favourites and KomaHinaNami 4ever.

About videogames, I absolutely adore the Atelier Franchise as well as Neptunia and the Digimon World/Story games alongside Persona and Disgaea! I play Pokémon too, super excited for SWSH!

(Please play Phantom Brave, Golden Sun and Soul Nomad).

Fave LL! Ships: NozoRin, NozoNico, NozoNicoRin, HonoMaki, KotoMaki, EliUmi, KotoPana!

Fave LL! Sunshine! Ships: YohaMari, DiaMari, YohaDiaMari, KanaChika, YouRiko, RubyRia/Leah, YohaMaru.

Fave Nijigasaki Ships: SetsuKarin, SetsuKarinKasu, ShizuKasu, AiRina, EmmaKanata, KanaShizu, AyumuEveryone. Everyone x Everyone at this point tbh.