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My full bio is on my Bandori Party account, but I’ll try to shorten it down here (yeah that didn’t happen) with a couple of new details since this is the All Stars website :P.

So hey hey, the names Sianasarana and I’ve liked Love Live for almost a year now (I know it’s a LOT more less of a history with the franchise compared to other people but I just wanted to mention it lol). I got the JP version of SIFAS the first day even though I told myself I was gonna wait for the WW version, but I couldn’t help myself and now JP is my main. I’m not getting the WW version as of now, but I will be reading the official story translations for that sweet lore.

Now for favorites... -Music wise as a group, it’s stuck between Aqours and Muse. I do like how Muse has a lot more moody songs (or at least I think so) as a group. Their music as a group also just moves me more in general, but Aqours has some pretty good songs too. I really like Datte Datte Aa Mujou and Sky Journey. We’ve really only gotten 2 group songs from Nijigasaki and neither of them really caught me interest so yeah.

-Music wise as subunits, my favorites are hands down Guilty Kiss and BiBi. I love both of their aesthetics and style of music with my favorite songs of theirs being Kowareyasuki and Sakkaku Crossroads. For Nijigasaki’s so far, I’m really liking Beautiful Moonlight by QU4RTZ, but haven’t decided on a fav subunit yet. I like the other subunits all equally except for CYaRon (it’s not that I don’t like CYaRon, it’s just that the happy go lucky subunits don’t really do much for me).

-Character wise (finally the last one), I’ll keep it number one for now, but for Muse my best girl (and best girl in general most likely) is Maki Nishikino. I love her aesthetic and I guess I just have a soft spot for tsunderes for some reason. For Aqours my best girl is Yoshiko Tsushima (Our Fleeting Fallen Angel Yohane). The whole fallen angel persona with Yohane really gives her a character and adds an extravagant flare which I love to see in fictional characters (as seen with my best girl being Kaoru in bandori lol). Finally, my best girl for Nijigasaki is probably Kanata Konoe or Karin Asaka. Kanata is just the sleepy yet inspiring third year I needed in an idol group, and Karin is just your average gay sassy mom which I have a thing for that :). Even with these girls, my top 3 shown on my profile will be of which girls are stealing my heart currently.

So finally, I finish my long ass bio part two. There goes my hopes in trying to make this shorter. (P.S. I feel like this really shows how much I need to talk to someone about these things lol)

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