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I love these babies omg save me I’m in idol purgatory. Also I can only choose 3 best girls on my profile and it’s not separated by groups either so it’s even harder to choose who to put so ima just put my best girls in my bio and then my best girls shown on my profile will be who’s winning my heart currently. For Muse, Maki is my og best girl with Eli and Nozomi tied for second. Sometimes they all just end up being my number one because I love them so much my babies \o/. Umi is also pretty cute too~ For Aqours, Yoshiko/Yohane is my best girl, Mari is my second (her and Yohane sometimes switch from time to time or tie), and Dia and Kanan are tied for third. The third years are all so precious and I love them all also Riko and You are adorbs. Don’t have a ranking for the PDP girls but maybe when the worldwide version of all stars comes out that’ll change. Thanks for listening to my ted talk if anyone reads this all lol

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