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HI!! Thank you for entering in my profile! I'm going to introduce myself, i'm Manuel from Spain and:

  • I love so much Love Live, this anime has grown up with me and it's impossible to forget them :) I started in Love Live hell when the second season of μ's started and I played the EN server many years ago but i lose that acc, I had a JP account that I lose too (lmao) but in 2017 I started again and i have the best sif account now :D and when SIFAS was announced I was very excited! I have a JP account but now I only play the ENG server because I understand everything although i'm bad with english haha

  • I'm obsessed with kpop and I stan IZONE and X1 from the Produce series.

  • UPDATE: I put aside Love Live from a while and I was stanning kpop groups but my favourite group disbanded so I'm back to love live hell😆

  • I'm very shy, I'm funny and a good friend and my hobbies are different to the other people, but in Internet I have very good friends that I love too much :)

💙bebe bebe bebe bebe💙