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Hi! I'm Rinon and I love Takami Chika more than anything!

✿ My other best girls are Honoka and Dia!

✿ I've been into Love Live! since July 2014

✿ Favourite μ's songs:

  • Sunny Day Song
  • Donna Toki mo Zutto
  • Baby Maybe Koi no Button

✿ Favourite Aqours Songs:

  • Jump Up HIGH!
  • Omoi ga Hitotsu ni Nare
  • Aozora Jumping Heart

✿ Favourite Nijigaku solos:

  • CHASE!
  • Meccha Going!
  • Yuu and Ai
  • My Own Fairy Tail

✿ I saw Aqours live on the 6th of June 2019; Day 2 of Next SPARKLING!!

Let's get along! (^ワ^