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October 20, 2019 05:06:43 +0000 (UTC)


I found Love Live through the school idol festival game first, before watching the anime. I was a junior in high school (22 yrs old right now) and had just finished watching Wake Up Girls on crunchyroll. While browsing on the website for new anime to watch, there was a banner with some cards (I think it was the Christmas v1 set) and I decided to download it. Kotori was my choice because of her hobby and kind look. I got curious if there was an anime after playing Snow halation. Sure enough it was on crunchyroll and I started watching it.

I finished the series in about 3 weeks and kept up with most μ's news via Tomodachi and the fan wiki. I still remember the teaser of "Love Live save us" and many of us speculating Chika as Kasane from sif. Being a part of the formation of Aqours (and PDP) was so much fun. The music and characters of Love Live mean so much to me that I even got a μ's tattoo after being a part of the fandom for 3 years. See my previous post to see it.

Being a part of this fandom has been so much fun and I have recently started getting ita bag merch to show off at future NC cons. I've also being buying figures that will one day go into a glass case in my own apartment.

I have no regrets finding the game and going down this path of "idol hell" that many of us light-heartedly joke.

Make your dreams shine on and full speed ahead.