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Hello! My name is Ami (ah-mee). Here's a little bit about myself:

Age: I'm a minor, i'm not going to say my specific age

Hobbies: playing piano, vlogging (i don't publicly upload), listening to music

Languages: English, French, and Japanese

Favorite music genres: classical, japanese music, and k pop

K pop groups that I like: Blackpink, BTS, twice, txt, and itzy.

Fun facts about me:

  • I'm whasian
  • I also like bandori
  • Pink is my favorite color
  • English/Social Studies > Math/Science

My top 3 best µ's girls: Nico, Maki, Honoka

My top 3 aqours best girls: Mari, RIko, Hanamaru

My top 3 nijigasaki best girls: Ayumu, Shizuku, Emma

My other top 3 best girls: Ren, Sarah, and Lanzhu (surprisingly)