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I'm a Love Live fan, and I like expanding all of Love Live's Universe with my Love Live OC boy characters. I already made couples with my OC and the Girls

Ex: Russel James Tanaka Oliver x Riko Sakurauchi. Russel is Bisexual and Riko is obsessed with Yuri which makes falling in love with Russel like she's falls in love with another girl but boy version.
Nathaniel "Natto" Okinawa Mckinley x Chika Takami they both love Mikans.

Anything about me!

I'm Filipino! 🇵🇭

I'm in love with Kanata Konoe. 😍😍

I also watch other anime like Naruto, AoT, One punch man Demon Slayer (Akari Kito voices Nezuko who voices Kanata.), and Boku No Hero.

My besties in the school's idols are Maru, Ruby, Emma, Kotori, and Hanayo.

I have a Youtube Channel, Instagram, and Twitter.

I favorite Japanese food is Takoyaki, Ramen, Tonkatsu and Tempura. For my Filipino food is Sisig (Sizzling pork served on a hot plate), and Kare-Kare (Peanut stew) I miss my home country food! (Same as Emma! We miss our Home country.) Don't worry I'm not a picky eater. I like eating something new just like Maru!

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