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January 04, 2020 16:36:46 +0000 (UTC)


#Thank you letter for Dia Day

Dear Dia,

I wanted to again wish you Happy Birthday even though your party was amazing and we spent the whole day together so much that between the Jet Lag and the time and space mechanics I am STILL exhausted! You made a pretty horrid 2019 turn into something memorable at the end! I am so happy I got to spend Christmas, new years and Your birthday this year especially with how hard 2019 hit.

You really didn’t have to spend First Class tickets on me! I know planes are a sardine can but… as nice as it is and as much as I know it’s not fun being cramped especially as a tall person I can handle a little stiffness to see 9 of my good friends that I manage with their events so often! Then again… did you actually spend the money or did Mari say “No Problem?” as throughout the flight the attendants were watching me like a hawk as if I was a VIP. It was nice seeing Mari and Kanan at the airport too. We all know how good a Kanan hug can be sometimes and knowing this year’s festivities were going to be sort of miserable… It’s nice to be among friends!

When we got to Chika’s I’m surprised You & Riko was there to greet me as well! Riko gave me the plans for the whole trip and they weren’t too intense. I also got to play with the puppies a little! Once I got settled in and chatted with everyone I was so happy to see Ruby, Hanamaru, and Yoshiko! It felt like a party already. However, we were planning a party… YOUR PARTY! Unfortunately being in the dead of summer I don’t know how hard it is to celebrate DURING a holiday and I heard sometimes you were lacking so… I had to make this one special. What I wasn’t expecting was after a recent concert that The Kurosawa sisters and You would come over in costume after water blue new world and give me a hug. Then a personal encore after to take my mind off the plans I got used to being canceled! My Christmas was going to be brightened when Mari took us to her hotel and brought all the All-Stars over and I realized… I have family here too… Muse, Aqours, and Nijigasaki! I was also glad to give the gifts I missed from being on business to the girls I missed especially Rina and Kanata! I’m glad Rina has the courage to show her face a little more! Though I feel like Setsuna is going through a rough patch too! Send her my regards!

After the great Christmas party, I got to walk around and I bumped into Aya Matsumoto from Pastel*Palettes it was nice to say hi again after they performed in the Live House that I told Eli About! I also bumped into Eli & Nozomi again while shopping with Ruby! I am so glad they are still good friends! We had to really stock up on supplies plus I needed Ruby’s help to wrap your gift or else you would NEVER get into it! Ruby also showed me your birthday present! Your lovely new dress! Then again you always say “I absolutely rock frilly, fluttery outfits "and it’s true!

Before I knew it though… it was New Year's Eve! Ruby slid tickets for your New Years live under my pillow when I went to talk to you! I’m glad we chatted on Mari’s Balcony, You were here throughout the year on all my hard times and we promised as friends to face our challenges head-on, supporting each other through our friend’s highs and lows! We then chatted about Nancy a little she says hi by the way and also wishes you a Happy Birthday and thank you for taking care of me! She loved the dolphin trinket you nine found!

Back on topic though… the next day I’m glad you woke me so we could see the first sunrise together. It was nice. It also gave us time to plan for the next event! Then after you got dragged off by Mari & Kanan and Ruby pulled me into the kitchen! She taught me how to make Macha Pudding! We worked hard to make those and prepare some fries as well as we promised after Ruby’s birthday. As we learned… pudding and dip can go WELL together! Almost like a frosty! Then we came your party which seeing you smile was always a joy! Your live show was also amazing I did catch your smile at me during GALAXY HidE and SeeK when you were radiant as always! Then after you showed me your birthday dress that Ruby made you. You told me… “this is my new surprise for our next event live show!” Your new costume will light the stage guaranteed!

A Birthday outfit fit for the stage!

I’m sorry I had to leave so soon though… but I’m glad we could have talked. I hope you find the Live house tickets I left you… Maybe you can visit in August? I know you would sell out the place but… more… I get to see all of my friends for another special day! Meanwhile, I’ll be ready for our next event! Nancy is happy and excited too as she loves to listen! She already has the penlights set up! Let’s continue to make our live shows special!

Really a Birthday Live?


January 05, 2020 05:28:15 +0000 (UTC)

The next event, "Fierce Contest on the Sea", has been announced! This is the first Exchange Event!...

The next event, "Fierce Contest on the Sea", has been announced! This is the first Exchange Event! In this event, you play lives to earn event points as well as special event items which you can exchange in the Item Shop for rewards, including the event UR and a UR ticket (exclusively for this first event!)

This event will run from January 6 15:00 JST to January 15 14:59 JST, and you'll be able to exchange your event items from the start time through January 22 14:59 JST! The following cards are available through this event:

  • UR "Let's Decide through Water Athletics" Umi Sonoda
  • SR "Hehe ♪ Woo-! ♪" Maki Nishikino
  • SR "Let's Eat~ ♪" Hanamaru Kunikida
January 04, 2020 14:56:56 +0000 (UTC)



I love Dia! Her character has been improving on me. At first, I wasn't a big Dia fan, but after watching season 2 episode 4, Dia has turned into my 3rd best girl in Aqours. I hope you like it. That's it...

January 02, 2020 23:10:10 +0000 (UTC)

Happy Belated Birthday, Dia Kurosawa!

Happy Belated Birthday, Dia Kurosawa! I made this on Paint! Credit to the one who makes backgrounds, and School Idol Tomodachi which creates transparents and clean URs!