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October 13, 2019 10:00:53 +0000 (UTC)

Hello everyone! I'm Silvia  Simoga23 on Twitter , and I'm a Love Live Spanish fan since 2017. My...

Hello everyone! I'm Silvia (Simoga23 on Twitter), and I'm a Love Live Spanish fan since 2017. My favourite girls are Kotori, Yohanne and Kanata, but let me explain my story: Before watching the anime, I started playing the game (in 2015) because there were cute anime girls and cool music, but that was it. After two years without playing it, I decided to download it again, and furthermore, decided to watch the anime (recommended by my cousin, who decided to watch it after I introduced her to the game). And even nowadays I can't stop regretting that I didn't watch it sooner, because these girls are EVERYTHING to me now. They help me when I'm in a bad mood and encourage me to achieve my dreams, and I can't be more grateful about it. I really love these 27 girls who make my life brighter everyday. And remember, μ'sic forever!