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September 16, 2020 07:59:15 +0000 (UTC)



SIFAS is about to celebrate its 1st Anniversary!


A log-in campaign will be held from 9/17 - 10/2! Log in to receive "1st Tokimeki Free 10-Pull Ticket" x1 every day for 10 days!

The "1st Tokimeki Free 10-Pull Tickets" can be used in a special gacha beginning 9/17! This gacha contains all cards in the current gacha pool (up to the "Toy Shop Panic" event gacha)

September 26th marks the anniversary of the game!! Log in any time before 9/27 3:59 JST to receive a UR Guaranteed Gacha Ticket!

The "1st Anniversary Festival Step-Up Gacha" will be held from 9/26, 15:00 JST - 10/11, 14:59 JST! This gacha contains all regular gacha cards as well as all Fes-limited URs!

  • STEP 1: Free 10-pull!
  • STEP 2-4: Lower Loveca Star cost!
  • STEP 5: One guaranteed Fes-limited UR!

"1st Anniversary Festival" gachas will be available for both μ's and Aqours from 9/26, 15:00 JST - 10/11, 14:59 JST! These group-exclusive gachas will feature a 3x rate-up for all Fes-limited cards! The Shiny Quartz obtained from these gachas can also be used interchangeably!

A special SBL, titled "SUPER Big Live" will be held from 10/1, 15:00 JST - 10/6, 14:59 JST! This will be an extremely large SBL to celebrate the 1st Anniversary! More details will be announced soon~

December 30, 2019 04:23:19 +0000 (UTC)

Lots of exciting stuff is happening to ring in the New Year!!

Lots of exciting stuff is happening to ring in the New Year!!

To celebrate the new year, each player will get one free 10-pull! This box includes all current non-limited cards, and will be available from January 1 at midnight JST to February 1 14:59 JST!

A special log-in campaign will take place as well! Log in every day between December 31 and January 3 to receive the following:

  • Day 1: Gacha ticket
  • Day 2: 100 Loveca stars
  • Day 3: 50 Training Camp tickets
  • Day 4: 50 skip tickets

To celebrate entering the 20's, 20 new missions will be available in the event tab! Complete them all to earn a total of 400 Loveca stars! These special missions will be available from January 1 at midnight JST to January 31 14:59 JST

A special step-up gacha to celebrate the new year! Step 2 is available at a discounted 300 stars, Step 5 guarantees 1 UR, and Step 6 guarantees 3 URs!

Please note this gacha only takes paid stars. You will not be able to pull from this box with free stars, unfortunately!

This gacha will be available from January 1 at midnight JST to January 6 at 14:59 JST

A special pack for the new year will be available in the shop! This pack will cost ¥9,000 and gives the following:

  • 1 UR guaranteed ticket
  • 1 SR+ guaranteed 10-pull ticket
  • 30 skip tickets
  • 600 Loveca stars

This pack will be available to purchase from January 1 at midnight JST to January 6 at 14:59 JST

March 15, 2020 04:08:19 +0000 (UTC)



Have you been enjoying the Half Anniversary so far? There's more to come! Here's what you can expect over the next few days!!

More opportunities to earn All Stars Prologue Costume tickets are on the way! In addition to the 3 you can earn from log-in bonuses, special goals will be added from March 16 15:00 JST to March 31 14:59 JST. These goals will allow you to earn an additional 3 tickets!

Remember the special present mentioned when you log in on the day of the Half Anniversary, March 26? That present has been revealed! Log in that day to receive a UR ticket!

A special step-up scouting box will be available from March 16 15:00 JST to March 31 14:59 JST! The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Free Solo
  • Step 3: 400 Stars + All Stars Costume Ticket
  • Step 5: 1 guaranteed UR
  • Step 6: 3 guaranteed URs + 2 All Stars Costume Tickets

Please note this gacha (aside from Step 1) requires paid gems!

Special packs will be available for purchase in the shop! The packs are as follows:

Price: ¥1,600 (may be purchased 9 times)

  • x200 Loveca Stars, x3 All Stars Costume Exchange Tickets

Price: ¥8,000 (may be purchased 1 time)

  • x1 UR guaranteed gacha ticket, x1 SR guaranteed 10-pull ticket, x200 Loveca Stars, x15 All Stars Costume Exchange Tickets
August 20, 2020 21:22:43 +0000 (UTC)



The 6-Month Anniversary After-Party was announced in the latest episode of KGS! It will run from 8/26, 15:00 JST to 9/19, 14:59 JST!

Log in during this period to receive:

  • Exciting Free Scout 10 Ticket x1
  • Show Candy (100) x5
  • Memory Key x2


Special goals will be available from 8/26 15:00 JST to 9/19 14:59 JST! Complete these goals to earn Exciting Free Scout 10 Tickets!!

The Exciting Free Scout 10 gacha pool will include all regular gacha cards up to the "Cryptid Catchin' Crusade!" gacha.

Live Show Reward drop rates will be increased from 8/26 15:00 JST to 9/19 14:59 JST! Macarons, EXP, gold, and all Practice items will appear at a higher rate! Rare treasure chests will drop at a higher rate as well!!

August 30, 2020 06:04:50 +0000 (UTC)



Story Chapter 18 will be added to the game on August 31st, 15:00 JST!

Clear the chapter to unlock:



Additionally, Bond Episode 21 will be added for the first 9 members of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club on August 31st, 15:00 JST!

Clear their stories to unlock their 3rd solo songs! (2D for now)

August 31, 2020 06:15:17 +0000 (UTC)



The next SBL has been announced! It will run from September 1st, 15:00 JST - September 6th, 14:59 JST!

Playable songs:

  • Bokura wa Ima no Naka de
  • Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo
  • TOKIMEKI Runners Ch. 17 Ver.

All μ's cards will get a 20% stat boost!

Cards up to the "Come Enjoy These Special Sweets" event will be available to exchange in the shop.

August 28, 2020 06:18:46 +0000 (UTC)



Nijigasaki Idol Club's 3rd Single, "Just Believe !!!" is about to release, so there will be a special campaign to celebrate!

Beginning 9/2, 15:00 JST, the song "Just Believe !!!" will be added into the game! The song will be playable in 2D only.

From 9/2, 15:00 JST to 10/1, 14:59 JST, special goals will be available! Complete them all to earn various rewards!!

A log-in bonus will take place from 8/29 to 9/2! Log in every day to earn Loveca Stars!!

August 30, 2020 06:29:35 +0000 (UTC)



The first official "SIFAS Big Live" is coming! It will run from August 31st, 15:00 JST to September 3rd, 14:59 JST!

For this SBL, all first-year members will have their stats increased by 20%!

The songs playable for this event are:

  • It's our miraculous time
  • Strawberry Trapper
  • Starlight

All cards up to the "Refresh With a Hike!" event will be available to exchange in the shop!

August 26, 2020 06:21:48 +0000 (UTC)



The "μ's All Stars Summer Set" will be available to purchase from 8/26, 15:00 JST to 9/30, 14:59 JST! This pack contains:

  • Star Gems x450
  • μ's Summer Splash Costume tickets

The tickets can be exchanged for swimsuit costumes for each member of μ's!

August 25, 2020 07:16:23 +0000 (UTC)



The next SIFAS Fes gacha has been announced! It will run from August 26th 15:00 JST to September 12th 14:59 JST!

It will feature:

  • UR "Alright, Now, Stand Still" Honoka Kousaka
  • UR "Time Just for Me and You" Riko Sakurauchi
  • SR "Why Don't You Ask God?" Nozomi Toujou
  • SR "Fluffy, Colorful, and Sparkly" Emma Verde
August 05, 2020 06:55:34 +0000 (UTC)



Volume 6 of the SIFAS newsletter has been released! Lots of exciting and new content is on the way to the game in the next month!

Chapter 17 of the main story introduced Shioriko Mifune as the 10th member of Nijigasaki Idol Club! Her 1st solo song, "Ketsui no Hikari", is playable upon reaching Bond Level 15!

Additionally, Chapter 18 of the main story will be released August 31st!

The first 9 members of the Nijigasaki Idol Club will be receiving chapters 20 and 21 of their bond stories in August! These episodes will make their 3rd solo songs available to play!

The solo songs will slowly be transitioned from 2D to 3D in the future, so keep an eye out!!

Nijigasaki's 3rd single is coming soon, so a special commemorative campaign will be held beginning September 2nd!

Another campaign to celebrate their 2nd Live will also come in September. Look forward to more details soon!

Changes to gachas will be coming very soon. Beginning in late August, the first half of event gachas will begin prior to the event starting, with the second half beginning the same time as the event. Beginning in September, Member Pickup gachas will begin prior to DLP events!

"Let's Go! Summer Training Camp" campaign will begin on August 11th, 15:00 JST! Collect Star-shaped Seashells and exchange them for Summer Camp Tickets! These tickets can be used to redeem special Inspiration Skills on your idols!

Finally, All Stars will be celebrating its 1st Anniversary on September 26th!! An exciting campaign will begin soon. Details will be announced soon! Get excited!! 🤩

August 17, 2020 06:27:38 +0000 (UTC)



The "Toy Shop Panic☆" event gacha has been announced!

The first half will run from 8/18 15:00 JST - 8/31 14:59 JST and features:

  • UR You Watanabe
  • SR Karin Asaka

The second part runs from 8/21 15:00 JST - 8/31 14:59 JST and features:

  • UR Nico Yazawa
  • SR Karin Asaka