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October 25, 2019 00:08:58 +0000 (UTC)


My Story with Love Live~!

It's taken me a while to finally get this posted but it's time for me to have a lil trip back through my journey with this amazing franchise!

Back in September 2015, I had only heard of Love Live though some memes but I didn't know much about it. However, I had followed an Instagram account (it was a pokemon fan account at the time) that began to post some llsif related things every so often such as account updates and pictures of event cards that they had obtained. The game looked cute, so on September 17th 2015, I made the jump into idol hell and downloaded the en server of llsif.

Not gonna lie, I was terrible at first. I loved rhythm games like guitar hero but it took me a while to get the timing down! I read through each character's bios (only muse at this time!) and I remember being stuck between Eli and Nozomi but I went for Eli just because she had the same hair/eye colour lmao-

The event that was on at this time was the Forever Friends Umi event and well,,, I didn't get terribly far as I didn't know how it worked. I only unlocked up to the second story part before the event ended and I remember being super dejected as I wanted to know why Honoka ran away, but it simply was too late. I only recently got to finally finish the story with the release of the story key items and I was super happy about it~

The first event that I actually got the card from was the Harvest Goddess Hanayo one. I absolutely fell in love with her design and while I knew I'd never be able to tier to get her idolised (ah, the days before seals/stickers) but nonetheless I did my best to get her so maybe I could idolise her in the future. I was s o proud of myself when I finally got her and set her as my partner to "show off" even if it really wasn't that impressive.

As for the first event I tiered in, it was the bathrobe Nozomi one! By this time I had gotten to know the girls through the stories (and I had watched the anime now) and had fully decided on Nozo as my best girl. Therefore, I was determined to tier for her in the next event that she starred in. It took a lot of time and love gems (especially considering my weak teams) but in the end I landed in tier 3 and couldn't be more happy. I set her as my partner for a g e s after that, even after I got my first UR.

Speaking of first UR, I had the worst luck when I started. I never saved so I lived off solo yolos and ended up getting my first scouted SR (halloween Umi) about a month after I started! Even worse, it took me more than a year to get my first UR, Pool Eli! (Umi was later sold by a friend who I had gotten into love live. I gave them my phone so they could see my cards and they sold around 20 "as a joke" and I was s o upset,, I'm still working to get them back even now! Thankfully Umi herself did return and I made sure to idolise her as soon as I could as an apology of sorts.

From then on I just got better at the game, I learned about team structure and different event types and strategies, and my account grew! In this time so much happened, saved up gems for Nozomi's birthday, Aqours was put into the game and I adopted Mari as my best Aqours girl, I downloaded the jp server so I could see new cards and features quicker (but I still focused on my en more), I bought merch, I started actually interating with the community and I watched as much ll media as I could, all the anime seasons, OVAs and movies.

I played Puchiguru tons as well, and was totally devastated when it was closed. As someone who doesn't own any nesoberi's, I found it to be a super cute way to make up for the nesoberi-shaped hole in my heart.

And now, with the release of PDP and sifas, I'm still as invested in the series as ever! I'm still juggling between Kanata and Rina as my favourite PDP girl but I love all of the new girls who have joined the ll universe. I adore seeing all the new cards and I've even (finally) got around to trying to learn about the seiyuu out of respect for everything they've brought us.

That pokemon fan account that first introduced me to love live has moved on but I am still here in the love live community, 4 years later! I still play the en and jp servers of llsif and I'm thoroughly enjoying play sifas as well, I'm super excited to see how it develops!

I love seeing how far my account has grown (I was going to add progress pictures but I cant seem to work out how to add multiple ones RIP) and I hope that no one found this post too boring!

μ'sic forever~!

October 23, 2019 17:25:26 +0000 (UTC)


Hey, i’m Roh and let me tell you about My LoveLive History. It all started around april 2014, i was 16 at the time. The circumstance was in a group in facebook and two guys were arguing over a character i didn't recognize, learn later it was Nico-chan. One of the guys was saying that she was annoying for this and that, the other person was trying their best to defend her. I find her cute, and made me mad that this guy was calling all those horrible things to a someone’s favorite character. I didn't intervene but i did search for Nico, find cute fanarts, screenshots etc. Avoiding spoilers of course. I grow up curios so i search for the anime, from there till this day was a wild roller coaster that i don't want to get off. I start listening their songs on youtube everyday. Especially Natsuiro Egao de 1,2 Jump!, my favorite song from u’s. When i discover SIF… i was so bad at it. My phone at the time was a culprit too, can't even hold notes for more than 0,1 secs. Nowadays i end between rank 100 and 200 in events. With Aqours it start almost the same. The announcement of Sunshine really made me happy but seen many people complaining about being a “copy” of u’s really made me mad. I think that is one reason why i always been a quiet fan. Let the time pass. I caught with Aqours at the end of 2017. Was different, because this time not only i did relate to the characters but the VA’s too. They were around my age at the time (20), i feel more close to them, many of the cast of sunshine just started their career and i just started college at the time, anxious, nervous about this new experience. I really love them all. Nowadays with NijiGaku (PDP) i was there with them since the very beginning, and my heart pound hard when i think that im watching them build a wonderful future with this project. Maybe still today their path seems a little rough or even not fair. But i fully believe that it gonna be better. Their dream and ours too, just started again with a really bright, full of love future. So… that's my story, more like my view for this project, what hits more in me. It hook me up with characters, histories, songs, seiyuus even fans, that i can relate. It made me feel special. I truly thankful for this project, it give me strength, hope, self confidence. It made me laugh till my tummy hurt, and cry for over hours without stopping. This will not be the end of my story with LL though, because more are coming up since i just started being more “social”. Whoever ending reading this, thanks, i love you, and now go drink some water, watch your health. Bye <3

October 21, 2019 19:25:38 +0000 (UTC)


So, hey everyone. I'm JakeyNico3 or Jakey. My Love Live! story began as probably quite a few people's did: The infamous 'Nico-Nico-Nii'...As soon as I saw it, I began researching Love Live! and binge watched the first season in one sitting. I fell in love with Miss Nico Yazawa as soon as she appeared on stage and started to listen to the songs, my favourite at the time being Bokura wa Ima no Naka de and Snow halation. After a while, and watching the second season and the movie, I discovered SIF and downloaded it immediately. However, when I loaded up the app, I was met by 9 faces I'd never seen before:

First Aqours view

At first, I was convinced that Kanan was a first-year. Idk why, just that playful expression. I loaded up the game and picked Nico (obviously) and saved up enough gems to do a pull in the current Muse box (at that time, it was Pyjama Party. I'm a recent-ish Love Live fan) and got a 1 SR pull. That SR was Pyjama Party Nico and I still have her to this day. My first UR was Birthstone Nozomi if you're interested

So I cleared the Muse stories and while on the scouting page flicking through the Muse tabs, I flicked over to Aqours by accident and decided to do a solo yolo and got Ruby's Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai R. I was happy because she looked like Nico. That was the reason that Ruby was my best girl for Aqours for a while until I watched the Sunshine anime. Then I saw Yoshiko and fell in love. Out with Wooby (still 2nd Best, dw) and in with Datenshi Yohane. To this day, I have loved Yohane ever since and saved for her birthday this year: 1 UR on EN and 1 Limited UR on JP

October 21, 2019 16:01:41 +0000 (UTC)

 What's your Love Live! Story?

My story with LoveLive began in March 2016 because many Twitter...

#What's your Love Live! Story?

My story with LoveLive began in March 2016 because many Twitter mutuals were always talking about LL and I always had full TL, so I decided to try the SIF, and from there was no return and everything went to more xD

I started watching the anime, and almost instantly Umi became my favorite, and since then I haven't stopped collecting his merchandasing, and my goal in SIF and All Stars is to get all your cards.




October 21, 2019 16:04:20 +0000 (UTC)

Finally doing this.
So, what's my love live story?

It all started in 2016, I kept seeing sif in...

Finally doing this. So, what's my love live story?

It all started in 2016, I kept seeing sif in my recommendations on Google play but I thought I needed to watch the anime to understand the game. So I decided to watch the anime. I finished school idol project in only a few days and then I started playing sif. I was new to rhythm games and I was pretty bad back then but I slowly learned how to play it and now all of my classmates think I'm Satan when they see me play rhythm games.

After loving love live so much, I started getting into other idol games. Bandori wasn't a thing back then and I didn't like idolmaster for some reason so I got into male idol games. I started playing ensemble stars, the mobile game for my favorite idol franchise.

Love Live isn't my favorite idol series, it's probably third place right now but it's still really important to me. It was my first idol game and without it I would have never found out how much I love idol games and idol anime.

I would like to thank love live for helping me through horrible times of my life and making me feel better. It's really important to me and a lot of songs make me cry, especially the second years version of start dash.

Thank you love live, you mean so much to me!

This post is such a mess and I almost cried while typing this lmao

October 20, 2019 07:22:26 +0000 (UTC)


Hi hi! I'm Diana and here's my idol story!

Back in end 2016, I used to be a fan page for YouTubers I really liked, I would always text with other people that liked them and etc. Sooo one day I get invited by one of my friends into this RP group, I'd never done it before but, I was interested. I join the group, say hello to everybody and introduce myself. Then we all had to make 'profiles' to show what kind of character you would be playing, and then look on google for a picture of an anime girl as reference. I was really interested in blue haired girls at the time so I looked for that. That's where I found a picture of Kanan. I thought she was really really pretty and used her for the RP.

Later on, I'm scrolling through my instagram feed and see a screenshot of someone's SIF home screen, which just happened to have Kanan as set partner. I was like, hol'up, and asked what game it was. I found out it was SIF, so I downloaded it, chose Kanan as my starter, and started playing. Then I found out that there was also an anime of it and started watching that.

I finished the anime in a week and was super obsessed with it. I turned my Instagram account into a Love Live fan page and started posting. Through that I gained a lot more friends and followers, which I'm still thankful for to this day.

I went from posting random LL things to posting memes, edits, and art. And people have supported me all the way through, I could never be more thankful for anything. I'm really happy I joined this fandom, after almost 3 years of being on Instagram and more than 2 years of being in this fandom, I'm still really happy. The editing community is amazing, the art community is godly, the meme community is hilarious, everyone is just so great and I love it uwu~

That concludes my idol story :3

October 13, 2019 07:33:02 +0000 (UTC)


Hey all! My name's NoodleBoy, but most people call me Noodle. My journey with Love Live has been a short (but seems incredibly long) journey. I knew of Love Live's existence due to Snow Halation (with all the memes and such) and I loved that song, but never put any effort towards actually knowing where the song came from. Fast forward a few years later, a friend of mine, Simon, was playing osu! and he then showed me a few Love Live songs. I was intrigued and we did a love live watch along with some other friends. I proceeded to watch the series on my own, along with the movie. Shortly after, Simon left due to personal reasons and that was really sad. I had a lot of problems toppling over each other and I was sort of a depressed state for a couple of works. The main thing that was keeping me together was the new series I was watching, Love Live Sunshine! They got me through some really dark times where I didn't have any hope for anything. I have a lot of things to thank for Love Live, and I'm making sure to support them heavily in the future! There's a lot of details I left out but I kind of forgot soooo

October 12, 2019 21:58:18 +0000 (UTC)

What’s your Love Live! story?

My Love Live! story started back in August of 2018. I’m still...

What’s your Love Live! story?

My Love Live! story started back in August of 2018. I’m still pretty new as you can see, but I don’t think that makes me less of a fan than the veterans. I’m not a fan of Aqours and I never got to see μ's disband. I never got to feel any bond with μ's and Aqours because by the time I had joined the community, the hype was already long gone. It was a weird time for Love Live fans, as it also felt like Aqours was starting to die down. That’s how I became a fan of the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club. TOKIMEKI Runners’ album preview had been posted on YouTube and I was HOOKED. I didn’t care for any of the girls, but I was in love with the music. One song in particular that I remember liking a lot was... Evergreen. One thing that you should know is that back then, I hated Emma. I didn’t have a reason to, but I just did. I loved making fun of her and calling her “Irrelevant Emma.” That’s why I’m blaming this past year on that song.

Within the next month, TOKIMEKI Runners had become available to purchase and my Nozomi Instagram account had turned into an Emma account. I bought the album and grew to love even the songs I hadn’t cared for earlier, but the song I listened to most was Evergreen.

A few more months went by, but I was starting to feel a bit lonely. I had all of this love for Emma and NijiGaku but I had no one to actually talk to about it. None of my friends in real life cared about it and I was too scared to talk to people. That’s when Emma changed my life: I made a group chat on Instagram. This chat was small, but the few people that were in it felt the same way about NijiGaku as I did. My real life had gotten boring and repetitive because of school and the like, but they made me excited to wake up in the morning. Talking to those people helped me talk to other people. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be on Idol Story right now. Thanks to them, I’m not afraid to reach out to people and bond with them over Love Live.

Since then, my Instagram account has grown. I’ve made some mistakes, but I’ve made so many amazing friends that I talk to today. I’ve even found people in real life who know what NijiGaku is! Emma has also helped me through the worst times of the year, where the sky was always gray and every day was just the same as the day before. She always gave me something to look forward to, whether it be new content or friends to talk to. Emma makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. She feels like the character embodiment of everything I’ve accomplished in the past year, and I wish I could thank her for that.

She really did heal my minus ions.

October 19, 2019 03:35:57 +0000 (UTC)


It was 2017 Anime Expo. Overwatch was still the hottest commodity, and there was a voice actor panel for it. A few of my friends were going to it, so I rushed there after exploring the exhibit hall.

Unfortunately, it was in the Marriott... which took some walking to get into. and in that summer heat, getting there was exhausting.

So it turns out the Overwatch panel was capped, and the Love Live Sunshine panel was nearby, either next to it or in the Marriott.

It fortunately still had open spots. I also didn't want to walk back to LACC so I just waited in line, not knowing what to expect.

Then this huge surge of energy came when Aqours came out. and no matter what they did, everybody except for me cheered. It was like I was in a sporting event, and the home team was demolishing the away team. The cheers were deafening.

After the Q&A session with Aqours is over, I take note of this Love Live franchise, and go back to completing my plans.

So, I start watching the original anime first, then Sunshine, and then the movie. It was addicting, but I did not know what to do after that.

I don't remember if I discovered lives or SIF after that but I'll talk about lives first.

It was stunning, the idols were mirroring the same movements as the ones in the animated CGs.

As for the game, it was the reason why I found a job LOL...

like my mindset was okay, I'll just apply to a lot of places so I can dolphin/whale in SIF.

Anyways, after that, I went deeper into idol hell, and eventually watched my first DV which was Second Live/HPT Tour.

Besides helping me land a job, this series let me meet a mostly great community, meet new people, and help me carry on with my life.

Oh, and it also helped me graduate since I wrote a small research article on how Aqours affected Numazu.

Its been more than 2 years, and I still love this franchise.

Moral of the story is go to random panels at Anime Expo if you're bored.

October 18, 2019 01:06:07 +0000 (UTC)


My Love Live! Story: About 5 years ago, I stumbled on yuri doujins for love live and actually really enjoyed all the characters. I knew nothing about them but I felt so attached to the series and I told myself "I need to watch this anime!" And I didn't until the morning of November 1st 2015. I fell in love in an instant and was quick to finish the series. Then I found out that love live had a mobile game and I downloaded it on December 5th 2015 around the time the Christmas Maki event came out on the EN server. I didn't get her by the way and I'm still salty. Then on February 19th 2016, I played the JP server. I have invested so much of my time for love live and I don't regret it. Love live possible saved my life. Twice. Love live means the world to me. This series has gave me the inspiration to take art more seriously, write stories, and start dancing. I've made videos on my Youtube channel of me scouting for any card to come home. I haven't been lucky recently haha. I'm going to try to join a dance cover group one day if my body lets me. I want to be apart of this community more since I don't have much friends who even know what love live is. I'm in a very rough time in my life and love live is the one thing I look forward to. I want to share my passion to people who would understand me. I hope we can all get along and be friends!

October 14, 2019 07:44:14 +0000 (UTC)

hmm, how did i find out about love live?

it all started late 2016 around december, when i was...

hmm, how did i find out about love live?

it all started late 2016 around december, when i was browsing around on the app store looking for games to occupy myself during a very hard time involving my parents. i was just looking for anything that looked relatively fun to play so i wouldn't concentrate on my declining mental health. i stumbled upon SIF and downloaded it ( prior to this i tried downloading it earlier in the year before aqours was added, but didnt want to wait for it to download files ) my starter was hanamaru and i felt that i reflected as her as i have brown hair and like eating. i got you's promo ur and was instantly in love with it. it was so pretty; i kept her as my partner for a couple months and started loving you, prior to this my favorites were kanan and hanamaru.

at this point i've been playing sif every chance i could get. they helped me get away from a harsh reality and just have fun. i remember i spent almost $300 when the little devil set came out haha, i heavily regret my decision to this day. i watched the first season of lls, but never watched the 2nd even when it was airing as i just didn't have the time to watch.

overtime i got rlly bored of sif and quit for extended amount of time and started playing other rhythm games such as bandori, mltd, and cgss. i dont rlly know when it began but i wanted to buy merch of you as a little birthday present to myself. and since then i've kept buying merch! 2019 has been a real buy merch of you year! after i buy a new computer im going to start saving for tera jumbo you or you's birthday project figure x) but before i buy a new computer im probably going to pre order the LL FES penlight, gah it looks so pretty!!


October 14, 2019 16:15:17 +0000 (UTC)

My Love Live Story began in September 2017. I played a lot of this Dress Up Game called Kisekae. One...

My Love Live Story began in September 2017. I played a lot of this Dress-Up Game called Kisekae. One of the presets was μ's, and I thought they all looked really cute. Somehow, I found out that the anime was called Love Live and I decided to watch it. I fell in love with it. I found a passion for music and singing just from watching Love Live. It inspired me and changed my life. There are so many amazing people I wouldn't have met and so many things I wouldn't have done if I hadn't watched Love Live. After finishing School Idol Project, I started watching some YouTubers play SIF. I get interested in the game, and I finally download it in late October. At this point, I knew absolutely nothing about Aqours or Love Live Sunshine. The second season had recently started airing, and after playing SIF for a bit, I decided to watch Sunshine as well. I loved it just as much as School Idol Project. I started learning more about the Seiyuus and Lives. I appreciate them for all of the hard work they put in and the passion they have for the series. And now, 2 years later, I'm still here. Thank you, Love Live!