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October 13, 2019 14:27:20 +0000 (UTC)

My adventure with Love Live started in 2014 when my friend has started bought merch from this...

My adventure with Love Live started in 2014 when my friend has started bought merch from this series. I watched both seasons anime μ's.Were very nice and my favorite idol μ's become Nozomi but I went to fandom some month later when I heard all discography and I loved it!Later I installed mobile game Love Live School Idol Festival english version and I have been player since 2015.I met polish fandom and my love for Love Live has grew! I'm creator of Polish Love Livers meet-ups during conventions called Idol-meet. When Aqours were the first baby-steps I totally fell in Love in Hanamaru. She is for me very important and precious person.She is similar to me in major things. Now are idols from Nijigasaki school.I have a problem because I don't know them so much. Initial I like Setsuna,Emma,Kanata and Shizuku. In the end Love Live is part of my life.I meet in Love Live fandom my friends and enemies.Idols helps me when I have a bad day.During listening, playing or watching I feel shiny passion and emotions.Now I'm fascinated nesoberi and plushies photography.

October 15, 2019 00:18:07 +0000 (UTC)

♥ Hello, i'm Alice! i am 23 y.o. I've been in IDOL HELL since May 2014~ My best girls are Kanan,...

♥ Hello, i'm Alice! i am 23 y.o. I've been in IDOL HELL since May 2014~ My best girls are Kanan, Chika, Nozomi and Karin. My fav group is Aqours. I ship Kanan\Chika and Karin\Ai. Besides LL i also like to draw and play games such as Azur Lane, Bang Dream, Love Nikki and LoL.

And there is my friend id's in case if u wanna add me т3т

LLSIF jp: 350 697 694

SIFAS: 761 730 770

October 16, 2019 18:45:50 +0000 (UTC)


I actually remember my descend into Idol Hell very well:

It was July 2018 and I had an internship at an art school. There was a girl and I overheard her talking about her Therapist and my first thought was "I need get to know her". The next day, we actually started talking! A lot! I remember her saying "You speak my language" when I finished her vine references lol. She eventually asked me if I like anime and I was just like yeah a bit. She then mentioned Love Live to me. I've heard about it but never bothered watching the Anime. I learned that she does cosplay and tbh I've also wanted to try that. "Do you want to join my Idol group?" and yes, I did want to join.

I had no idea about Love Live but there I was, ready to order a Kanan wig. Of course, I did watch the Anime shortly after and I was amazed. I loved the designs of the characters and at first I fell in love with Kanan because I already had her wig and it would have been a shame if I didn't like her. But after a while Yoshi- I mean Yohane became my best girl. I was for some reason actually able to relate to her. To this day she is my all-time best girl. I love her edgy persona but also how she is an outcast because of the way she to acts, how she feels that everything in her life goes wrong. All of these are things I can actually relate to.

A few weeks later, after watching the anime, my friend from before showed me llsif and it all went downhill from there. Now, about a year later, I have learned a bunch of LL dances, switched from cosplaying Kanan in my group to Yohane, not a single day has passed where I didn't play LLSIF (or LLSIFAS) and I've met so many different people thanks to the LL and the Cosplay Community. Thank god I took that internship

October 16, 2019 16:35:08 +0000 (UTC)


In June 2014, I came home from school to my older sister playing a new game on her phone called "Love Live! School Idol Festival". We grew up on both anime and rhythm games, so it was a natural fit. Within the hour, I was downloading it on my own phone.

Of course, I had no clue who to pick for my starter R. I went with Maki simply because her birthday was a day away from mine. My sister had picked Hanayo. The server's first event, Sweet Holiday, was going on, though it would take another 3 or so for me to figure out how they worked. Weary Princess was the first event I actually got the SR for. Eli's initial UR was my first UR. My first SR was initial Kotori, and the first SR I idolized was Job Honoka. This was way back before stickers existed and you needed to get a dupe of a card to idolize it.

My sister found out about the anime, and we watched it together. I started looking for full versions of the songs I heard in-game, and then songs that weren't even in the game yet. I even found some clips of the live performances, though I wouldn't dive deep into that side of things yet. Maki really did end up becoming my favourite for a while. There was an incident where I couldn't connect into my account, and panicked and deleted/reinstalled the game, almost losing my account entirely. Luckily customer support was able to help me recover my account. That's how I learned the importance of transfer codes, ahaha.

My first year of high school came and went. There was nothing particularly bad about it, but in general I think a lot of my peers were given to cynicism at the time and Love Live was like a ray of sunshine and optimism that helped me keep my head up. But in my second year of high school I fell away from Love Live and anime in general. It's hard to pinpoint any particular reason why, I guess it was just the self-exploration you do in high school. Besides, I didn't really know a lot of other people that were into anime, so it was hard to invest my time in something I couldn't make connections with. But that summer, a nearby city was hosting a new event celebrating Japanese culture, and my sister invited me to go. There was lots of food and showcases of more traditional aspects, but what really impacted me was the performance of an idol group, Niji no Conquistador. Idol music really is something else, huh. It felt like they were calling me home, in a sense.

When I got home from that festival, I went online and found out all I could about NijiCon. A few days later, I updated SIF for the first time in months. I noticed some people had R cards of girls I didn't recognize. Looking into it, I found out about this new group Aqours, and more importantly, I found out that μ's had disbanded gone on hiatus. I was shocked. I watched the movie, which hadn't come out yet at the time my sister and I initially watched the anime, and with her help I ordered a copy of the Final Live Blu-ray. I was sad I hadn't been around to experience the events at the time of FL, so I figured I could at least glimpse what it was like. I wrote a few fics around the idea of μ's graduating (one of which even won 3rd place in a contest by LLWikia for Kotori's birthday!). I started learning more about the seiyuu side of the franchise, too. The first thing I bought online on my own was Ucchi's single, SUMIRE SMILE. Initially I made it my goal to own all of their singles and albums. My priorities have, uh, shifted a little bit so that goal remains incomplete, but I did make some good progress.

I was initially reluctant to start following this new group, but given I had just found out I missed such an important part of μ's' story, I didn't want to delay starting with Aqours and end up regretting missing something with them too. So I made myself catch up with the anime (s1e8, at the time). They were...alright, but I didn't think they could ever displace μ's in my heart. That changed because of the tail end of the season with Aqours resolving to forge their own path instead of living in μ's' shadow, and because of Aqours' First Live, specifically Rikyako's piano incident. (Rikyako is amazing and I can talk at length about her story and how great and inspiring I think she is if you want but for now I'll just say I admired her courage in going up to that piano at all, and her ability to pull herself together so quickly after things went south.)

There was a Delayed Viewing for 1L near me, but it was on a Monday night, so I unfortunately couldn't go. When 2L came around, the DVs were on a Saturday instead! Excited and nervous, I brought with me a friend who I had gotten somewhat into LL, enough to watch SIP. Unfortunately we ended up in the emptier of two auditoriums, and she ended up sleeping in the back while I waved my single penlight up near the front row, but I still had fun. Probably uh not the ideal way for things to have gone, but it was still a good experience and I managed to join the Discord for the local community. As it happens there's, ah, some messy history with the community but at the end of the day it's better to meet and connect with people I can actually share my passion with.

I've had about two more years of life with Love Live since that DV, but it's all been kind of a blur since. Overall, it's been two years of me slowly falling deeper in love with the series in ways I didn't think I would. (Alternatively, it's been two years of Riko Sakurauchi and Rikako Aida forming an airtight grip on my heart.) I've been a little on-again off-again with SIF due to life getting busier (university a lot more demanding than high school, aha) and also a little thing called Bang Dream! Girls' Band Party. Plus I was quasi-avoiding spoilers about the movie hoping to experience it all in theatres, but it turns out Funimation hates Canada so I didn't get a theatre viewing of it anyway, bahaha. Finally watching the movie and then seeing 5L helped ignite some sparks, and then Deep Resonance and LLAS followed up.

I guess the rest of the DVs paint a decent picture of my overall progression: hakodate DV, I went on my own, and had a good time with people I now knew. 3L DV was scheduled messily, but I went on my own to a smaller DV closer to home and only slightly felt self-conscious. 4L DV, I went in cosplay as Angel Riko! There was also some troublemakers there though, so to avoid the hassle for 5L some close friends and I went to a smaller DV again.

Really, at this point I'm wanting to go and see a live performance, but I don't have the time or money to start trying that. I'll be seeing Guilty Kiss at ANYC in November, though!

I've rambled on long enough, but tl;dr, I've spent a long time with this series. I've made friends through this series, I've pushed myself to do new experiences because of this series, I've been inspired to write and dance and play music and I've even been learning Japanese partially because of this series. I've kept up a cheerful outlook because of this series, That is my life with them~

October 17, 2019 11:48:01 +0000 (UTC)


my Love Live! story...I remember it so well!

It began in late 2017, when I was watching something on YouTube. At a certain point, they inserted a small clip of Nico going “Nico Nico Nii!” I thought it was super cute, but was stupid at the time and didn’t think to look it up. About a week later, I realized I should search it up, so I did. After finally finding it on Crunchyroll, I started watching. While episodes passed, I got hooked. But, one thing kept crossing my mind: When is Nico coming on?! Since she got me to start it, I wanted to see her. I kept checking to see what episode I was on. Finally, I watched her episode. I was thoroughly surprised at how she wasn’t what I thought she’d be like. After I finished watching, I fell in love with one girl. I related to her. This girl is Nozomi Tojo. Nozomi is my number one girl of all time, I love her so so much. I’m cosplaying her at a con(Snow Halation), I have a jumbo neso and a few figures. after going onto Instagram and looking LL stuff up, I was confused when I saw 9 complete different girls. “Awk-ors??? What-“ were my exact words. I immediately went to Funimation and started to watch it. After watching it, Mari was my best girl. I loved her humor. But, after time, it went from Mari to You, and You to Hanamaru, who remains my best Aqours girl. After finally thinking I knew it all, I found an image on google with ANOTHER set of girls! I quickly looked at designs and read their wikis, soon finding that there was no anime. (By this time it was 2018) I read up on every girl, listened to every solo, and found an account on Instagram that posted comics of them. Back then, I hated Karin and Emma(I LOVE THEM NOW!) because I didn’t think a teenager should be trying to ‘seduce their fans’ as I deducted from Karin. And why didn’t I like Emma? Her design reminded me of Wendy’s and I recently got a bad Wendy’s meal. Stupid, I know. BUT, I grew to love them both. Kanata was my best girl, she was gorgeous and a solid MOOD. I also grew to like Eli a lot, despite her being my worst girl for a while, she’s now quite far up my list.

After memorizing all the seiyuu names, I was finally done! But...I wasn’t. There was an app! I quickly installed it, made Nozomi my main, and just started playing. I played for over 5 hours straight. Basically, I’m now just a LL geek/superfan. Sorry that was long, but yeah, that’s my story!

October 13, 2019 19:24:04 +0000 (UTC)

What is your Love Live story?

So it was back then not so long ago I bought SH Figuarts of Maki...

What is your Love Live story?

So it was back then not so long ago I bought SH Figuarts of Maki Nishikino in Sydney because I like her design a lot. That night I started to watch Love Live anime. That day I descent into Idol Hell. I bring Maki everywhere I go, take photos of her. She even fell into a Penguin pen once lol. You can check Maki's adventure in my Instagram profile. I began watching Sunshine when I see a random video of You Watanabe since at first I wasn't really interested in Sunshine. After finished with the series I ended up loving all Aqours member. I knew PDP from SIF when they had their songs in limited time. Fell in love with CHASE! Basically my favourite song from PDP. Was so happy when they announced All Stars, played it on day 1. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen even though my device can't run it really well. Currently own 2 URs I know it isn't a lot but I'm happy with my team.

October 21, 2019 19:40:24 +0000 (UTC)

Howdy Idol community! My name is Wade, I’m a 16 year old boy, I’m a cosplayer and dancer, and I’ve...

Howdy Idol community! My name is Wade, I’m a 16 year old boy, I’m a cosplayer and dancer, and I’ve been loving idols since 2015! I am one of the leaders of a South Florida Idol group called Wonder Idols!

I absolutely adore Love Live! and everything that comes with it, I’ve had so many amazing experiences since the very beginning and hopefully there will be more to come!

I’ve truly come to love each and every character from Love Live, my ultimate best girls including Nico, Mari, Ai, Rin, Dia, Kasumi; it’s super hard for me to choose since they’re all so wonderful!

Love Live! has brought me so much happiness, new friends, and things to look forward to—I really can't explain fully just how much I love it! Hopefully this site will bring me new friends, plus I hope to make others smile as well! ♪ ☆♡

October 13, 2019 09:37:23 +0000 (UTC)

Hello all!! I’m so excited that this opened! My name is Abby, I’ve been cosplaying Love Live for...

Hello all!! I’m so excited that this opened! My name is Abby, I’ve been cosplaying Love Live for about two years now. My best girl is Ai, but I also adore Dia, Hanayo, and a ton of others. PDP and Saint Snow are my favorite groups. My next con is AnimeNYC, where I’ll be doing Aquarium Yoshiko, Daiba Nana (From Revue Starlight,) and All Stars Setsuna! My other favorite idol anime are AKB0048 and Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight. Feel free to check out my cosplay page at @scarletangel_cos!

October 15, 2019 03:45:47 +0000 (UTC)

Hello there! I’m Morgan ite !

I cosplay Kotori, Nico, Ruby, and Hanamaru! I have spent countless...

Hello there! I’m Morgan(ite)!

I cosplay Kotori, Nico, Ruby, and Hanamaru! I have spent countless hours devoted to these cute idols. I’ve been a loveliver since 5/6/15. ( • 8 • )

Best girls:

Muse: Kotori, Nico, Honoka, Hanayo

Aqours: Ruby, Riko, Yoshiko, Hanamaru

PDP: Ayumu, Kanata, Emma, Rina

I’d love to meet new friends so feel free to follow me anywhere in my links in my profile (or here!)

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!

October 12, 2019 21:51:28 +0000 (UTC)


I'm electman23. I discovered Love Live back in 2013. My favorite idols are Kotori, Yoshiko,...


I'm electman23. I discovered Love Live back in 2013. My favorite idols are Kotori, Yoshiko, and Umi. I collect merchandise for Love Live. I'll be waiting for the ww release of all stars before playing.

My instagram is electman23 for anyone interested

Nice to meet everyone 😀

October 13, 2019 13:28:59 +0000 (UTC)

hello! i go by zuzu!

just like many others here, love live has a lot of meaning to me. but since...

hello! i go by zuzu!

just like many others here, love live has a lot of meaning to me. but since i'm not much of an anime fan, it took me a while to warm up to it... my friends started talking about it in 2012-2013 so i watched it. :p

i didn't want to admit how much i cried. i felt like it was cheesy and stupid (YES I WAS IN DENIAL) so i just said nico was my favorite and moved on for a bit, until SIF (english) was first released.

okay. i'm a HUGE fan of rhythm games, all my friends were playing it and at the time i actually didn't own a phone! so i stole my mom's tablet to download it lol. i remember picking kotori as my main girl cuz she's cute and getting to about rank 40 in one sitting (this was waaaaay back when it was harder to rank up). the event at the time was the first hanayo event, with the green dress hugging a pillow. i'll cut the details but basically i was hooked.

time passes, days and months and years, my friend gave me her old cracked iphone 4 to play SIF on... and i slowly start accepting that i was... a LOVE LIVER!!! well, i was still partly in denial. but then one day, i heard they were making a new group! based off of N girls?! i didn't keep my hopes up, but i was still pretty excited... well, they announced the selected girls... and ended up redesigning them entirely into new characters! it was a confusing time.

BUT ANYWAY, they became Aqours.

this is where my true descent began.

i liked yoshiko first because of her design. i remember hearing "koi ni naritai aquarium" when it came out to introduce the girls and honestly, i started crying. i was so happy and excited... i fell in love with everyone so quickly and the upbeat style of their group so much. i eagerly awaited the anime (again, without keeping my hopes up) and i really... it just really connected with me that time. i really connected with chika. i cried, a lot. i cried so much. every song they came out with i would listen on repeat and sing along to. it was the first thing in a while that could make me feel so lively. i loved everybody. i loved chika, riko, you, yoshiko, hanamaru, ruby, mari, dia, kanan, the moms, the siblings, shiitake, leah, sarah, the ocean, the sand, numazu, and well you get it!

and at this point i shamelessly admitted, yes, i love Love Live. i love it so much. i love everything about it. i went back and finally fully appreciated muse. it makes me so happy, it makes me want to try harder, it makes me want to try to shine too. i started singing again, something i haven't done since i was 10 because i got too embarrassed. and i know it's cheesy, but overtime i found myself learning to love and accept myself more and more... but i admit it now, i'm a sucker for cheese.

i did fall out of the "fandom" for a while, since that kinda stuff isn't really my thing... but with PDP and All Stars, my passion for the series has come back full force. it's something i will always love, no matter what, and i'm happy to share it with everyone else.

and uh... OOPS i wrote an essay. i'm glad there's not a character limit i guess ^^; well... if anyone read this far, thank you so much for listening to me. it's been a sleepless night and typing this out has actually made me ready to go back to bed lol. thank you to everyone who has put this site together and i hope it will be able to stay for a long time! <3 ps here is my small chika collection, i don't have much but i hope that i can get more soon! :3 pps i'm loving all stars a lot so if you'd like to add me my ID is 808 327 928!

October 18, 2019 19:01:57 +0000 (UTC)

My Love Live Story is pretty plain. I saw Nico Nico Nii memes mixed with LLSIF memes, and downloaded...

My Love Live Story is pretty plain. I saw Nico Nico Nii memes mixed with LLSIF memes, and downloaded the app one night in March 2015. Soon I started watching the anime, with a bias towards Nico purely because of the memes. But after the Love Wing Bell episode, Rin snatched first place. I nearly cried when I first saw Happy Maker, and waited for the movie. Once I finally saw it, I cried out of the pure happiness and celebration that came from Sunny Day Song. I played lots of LLSIF and got hyped over each and every song I unlocked. Later, I first saw Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai, and dismissed Aqours as an imitation of Muse. I thought their voices "all sounded the same", but they were all singing together so of course they'd blend together??? I brushed it off until Aqours wormed its way into LLSIF, which was when I noticed a chuuni in the mix. With that, I gave Sunshine a chance and ended up loving it too, Yohane remaining my favorite from the moment I saw her. I saw the 2nd season, and the movie as well, along with being introduced to the PDP girls. Rina's the cutest, but Kasumi interests me the most. But yeah, it's pretty typical stuff. I've made Love Live videos and fanarts all along the way,

(Oh, I also danced to Angelic Angel with a group of 5 for a school event! I can explain more about that in another post since this one's too long, but it was really something!)

My story's probably the most bland one you can find, but it doesn't make my love of Love Live any less strong. I've made several videos about it, drawn countless fanarts, and could sing along with nearly any song you throw at me. (it won't sound good, though!) Give me the chance, and I'll talk your ears off about that one Sunny Day Song dance cover with 100+ people, or why Thank You Friends should be in the movie, or how Rin's outfits change color more often than the rest despite her call and response being all about her color being yellow.

I'm not sure what to say as a last note besides the fact that writing this was fun, and this was a great event idea!