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October 13, 2019 08:14:33 +0000 (UTC)


hi! my name is emy but people usually call me kero! i've been into love live since oct. 2014, and it's impacted my life tremendously. i even decorated my high school graduation cap with μ's!


i was introduced to the series by seeing a screenshot a friend had posted on twitter. i was just immediately enamoured by how cute everyone was! i downloaded the game for myself, and ended up binging the entire anime (which didn't include sunshine at the time) over the course of two days. i had no idea just how much these girls were going to mean to me.

the first even i ever participated in was for rainy day rin, even though i had no idea i was actually participating! the first event card i ever got was ghost maki, and i was up till 3 am tiering for her, but i just barely missed the cutoff! my first UR was fairytale hanayo, and i still have her to this day.

i begged my mom to take me to a movie screening, but it didn't work out. watching it online later, i bawled my eyes out. i still do whenever i rewatch it! i was lucky enough, however, to go to the NY live viewing of aqours' first live, and i cried then, too.

it's been five years since these i met these girls, but i can't imagine my life without them. i never would have realized that i want to be just like them... a dazzling idol. it may sound a bit childish, but nothing would make me happier!

i'm currently working on my own idol franchise, tenatively named iDOL.NET. it's premise is that anyone can be an idol, regardless of their abilities or background. i think it has a lot of promise and i'm really really excited to show off just how much i have planned for this journey!


i'm coding the website, gameplay aspects, and even designing the graphics and possibly doing the artwork all on my own right now... but i'm having a ton of fun and i can't wait to have more to show off! i especially can't wait to open up registration, because i'm planning on having it be extremely accessible. that means that anyone who registers themselves as an idol or with an idol OC has a chance to be featured in an event, story, or official artwork! it's not going to just be music idols, either, i'm thinking visual and acting idols should be included too!

i wouldn't have found this passion without these girls. i wouldn't be as happy as i am without them. i want nothing more than to give that same happiness and passion back to others with this project.

i'll be posting lots of updates about it on the twitter, and pretty soon i'll be opening up the discord server! if i gain enough traction, i'd also love to open up pre-registration and a patreon, and even bring on other people to help with development!

thank you so much for reading, i apologize if it's a bit all over the place, i get super emotional over these girls 😅. i hope you'll continue to support me! ファイトだよ!

xoxo kero 🐸

October 13, 2019 04:22:58 +0000 (UTC)


Hello, I'm Silent. I've only been a Love Live! fan since August of this year but It instantly became one of my favorite franchises.

Hanayo is my best girl. I think it's because she reminds me of myself. I have brown hair, glasses, and I'm really shy. Also, I think she's adorable.

Anyway, I hope I can fit in with the rest of the community and have a good time.

October 13, 2019 04:16:16 +0000 (UTC)

Unlocked Riko's beautiful angel outfit! Who else is excited for the cheaper outfit unlocks coming...

Unlocked Riko's beautiful angel outfit! Who else is excited for the cheaper outfit unlocks coming soon?

October 13, 2019 10:25:19 +0000 (UTC)

Heres all the alter Love Live figures I have on display at the moment. Kotori and Umi are still my...

Heres all the alter Love Live figures I have on display at the moment. Kotori and Umi are still my favorite. I can not wait for Yoshiko and the white dress set comming out 🥰

October 13, 2019 16:27:20 +0000 (UTC)


hi, i'm niko and i'm going to share my love live story!

let me preface this by saying, love live has been such an important part of my life for almost four years now and i cannot state how much i love it in words but i will absolutely try my best!

love live came into my life at my lowest point. i won't go into much detail here, because i don't want to darken the mood but i will say, it has been an endless source of motivation to keep living and try and grasp my dreams.

when i discovered love live, i also discovered the idol genre as a whole and that, as well, has helped me so much.

picture it, late 2016, right after the sunshine announcement. this is when i got into love live. i saw the game on the app store and it immediately took my fancy. the art style was adorable, the music, from what i'd heard at the point, was good and i absolutely adored rhythm games. i installed it, not thinking much of it at the time, and started playing. i was quickly confused, after starting the main story, about how these girls met and how their dynamic worked so i looked it up and, to my amazement, there was a show!

it didn't take me long to get through the first season and quickly the second and then the movie. i was entranced by the music and the animation. when they didn't win love live at the end of season one, i cried, a lot. when they finally won, i was over the moon and i can't even think about the movie without sobbing, it was such a beautiful ending but i missed them so much. i, again, quickly found out that the sunshine anime has been announced and i cried tears of happiness. these girls, these anime girls, quickly became a huge special interest.

honoka, so motivated and such a good leader. kotori, a brilliant designer and such a joy to watch. umi, so stoic and strong but overcame her fears and became a great idol. rin, so full of infectious energy. maki, my inspiration to pick up piano again. nico, she appeared so mean but she really cares for her friends. eli, she motivated me to run for student council and establish a name for myself at school and i did. nozomi, ever since i saw her do it on the show i've wanted to pick up tarot card reading.

and of course, my one and only favourite idol, lovely hanayo. her passion towards researching and being an idol inspired me to do all i could to change my situation. be in a situation where i felt safe and i did. it's so surreal that if i hadn't watched love live, i probably wouldn't be here to type this. i've always wished i could've thanked her, but i couldn't and so i decided that i would keep going as my thank you to her.

when sunshine started airing i was on the edge of my seat every week to find out what was in store for aqours! there was such a different feel to sunshine but i loved every minute of it. i was so distraught when the first season ended, i felt so empty. but still i fought on. "faighto dayo!" i would repeat like a mantra and when season 2 came out, i was so so so excited and when water blue new world was preformed, i got chills. the costumes, the music, the animation, everything has improved so much since Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life and i felt such a rush of happiness. i'm going to tell you something that i haven't told anyone. i am too afraid to watch the movie. i am afraid sunshine will slip through my grasp and i'll be waiting for more with that emptiness again.

for, chika, who never gave up despite the odds. you, who showed me that i should speak up if i'm afraid. riko, who, once again, got me to try my best in piano. ruby, who taught me it's ok to ask for help. yoshiko, who helped me be more open about my interests. hanamaru, who showed that the underdog will get their day. mari, that being yourself is important and, dia, who showed that sometimes you don't need to be an open book.

and of course, kanan, my best girl! she was incredibly motivated but was realistic about it and she was so strong! one day, i too, want to be able to lift someone!

and finally, nijigasaki high school idol club.

i was ecstatic when it was announced that we would be getting another group! it felt like order had been restored again! hearing about the development, being able to help pick the subunits and the names for the subunits (please, i am begging you give us SoLuna back). i am still learning more and more about the new girls but it's safe to say that my favorites are karin and kasumi!

that's pretty much all i have to say about love live and now, to tie it all off, i'm going to put here a picture of my hanayo collection, it may be small but i love every single item in it!


October 13, 2019 20:15:48 +0000 (UTC)



Hola! My name is Nelly and I’ve been a huge fan of Love Live since 2014, but that’s a different story.


I absolutely love Kanan Matsuura; she has been such an important character for me on a personal level.

Anyways, it’s a pleasure to meet you all and I hope we can be friends!


October 12, 2019 21:32:15 +0000 (UTC)

Hoi! SupernovaDia here~ I just felt like sharing my cosplay here as Well since there already are...

Hoi! SupernovaDia here~ I just felt like sharing my cosplay here as Well since there already are some amazing cosplayers on here! I'll cosplay Autumn Kanan soon, so stay tuned for that~

September 25, 2019 12:02:22 +0000 (UTC)


Yahoo~✰ I'm Yuzu, one of the staff for Idol Story and i am also the creator of lovelive-updates and loveliveallstars-news on tumblr that i post almost every single day. I cover cards, news, events, and many more stuff on my blogs♥

I have been a big fan of Love Live since 2014 and my love for SIF has only continue to grow with Aqours and now Nijigasaki joining in the fun~ My favourite idols are currently Kotori, Honoka, Hanayo, Riko, Ai, Ayumu and Shizuku♡

I can't overstate how excited me and the other staff and developers are for this amazing website and for SIFAS♥

October 12, 2019 20:37:56 +0000 (UTC)

This is a drawing I did!
I'm currently studying in an art high school and I draw a lot of love live...

This is a drawing I did! I'm currently studying in an art high school and I draw a lot of love live outfits etc. You can follow me in instagram, @ colourberr.y !! I often look for feedback on my art, if you have any I'd be glad to hear it ^-^

October 12, 2019 20:19:37 +0000 (UTC)

Hi I’m Cristal I’m 15, and I’ve been a love live fan for 2 years!

My best girls are Kasumi Dia...

Hi I’m Cristal I’m 15, and I’ve been a love live fan for 2 years!

My best girls are Kasumi Dia and Rin.

Follow me at @Cristal.jpg and @seahoon.n on Instagram